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Turbulence to become worse – Fasten your Seatbelts

A new study shows that as the CO2 emissions on the planet rise, turbulence on planes will start to become worse and happen more often.

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This study focused especially on transatlantic flights.

The CO2 emissions in the air are set to double by 2050, not only will turbulence increase due to this but plane trips will use more fuel due to the rise in emissions.

This will result in increased flight pricing for longer trips to say Europe or Asia if you are leaving from North America, and visa versa if you are leaving from Europe or Asia.

TravelingWarrior.com reminds all travelers to do everything they can to help with these environmental issues.  Make sure to recycle, if there is an alternative to driving then look into it, make sure to switch to energy saving appliances and lightbulbs in your home, and there are a wealth of other things that can help.

Remember, your travel may one day be affected by this rise in emissions, and we definitely don’t want that to happen.

Here is an article for more details.



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